This week at fix PDQ we have been raging about mentions!

Does a mention mean I want you to do something?


does it mean I want to be you aware of something?

What was crazy for us – the real issue for something that we thought was so simple turned out to have a significant impact on accountability. It is really easy when you want someone to do something -it just becomes another work item. However when you want me to be aware of something – that means you are still expecting something from me – but it has the potential to set me up for failure –

The really interesting the problem is do I share the same perception as you; if I don’t share that same perception, have I created the opportunity for tension between you and I to manifest. We see people using mentions incorrectly time and time again. Users believe they have shared the responsibility – but because the intention was not explicit it has created a loophole for conflict and that’s what we’re really worried about.

What we’re experimenting with is how to turn an intention into an action that is meaningful so that our perceptions are aligned and not create distractions for the delivery of work. This is how you can help us Does the intention of the mention mean something to you we believe it does would like to hear your story