We’re the tool obsessed with accountability

This is how we do it
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users can easily create projects and mini‑workflows on the platform

save project templates for repeat-use

the system handles the rest—from status updates to tracking and escalation, teams can spend less time on process and more time on problem-solving


get everyone on the same page with ‘priority’ rankings

give everyone a voice with our dedicated ScrumBot for escalation

risks early

triggers are built into the system which identify risks and request status updates

these automatic checks surface problems which could’ve taken weeks to find

the team can step in quickly and solve the problem

you’ll reduce costs and potential operational risks in the process

play the same
not the
blame game

avoid feeling like you’re hassling people for an update—FixPDQ’s status requests and updates use goal-oriented language in an unobtrusive format (besides, with pre-set ScrumBot options, there’s no need to take a status request personally!)

shift the focus to ‘who can I help’ and ‘who do I need help from’: remove the blame game with an architecture that focuses your team’s energy on achieving a common goal